Welcome to CCCP

A road cycling club dedicated to fun, friendly, inclusive group rides.

   Founded 25 years ago originally as the Competitive Cycling Club of Portland, CCCP has evolved into a broader based and morenrecreatioal riding club for Greater Portland's biking community. CCCP now stands for the Community Cycling Club of Portland.

    Our 4 weekly rides and special event weekend and annual rides draw a wide range of riders, including, devoted recreational riders, racers, commuters, century-plus types, 2O yearolds, 60plus year olds, triathletes, tourists, locals, members of the other area clubs, from first time roadies to “been riding skinny tires my whole life” types. Essentially, CCCP is a group of folks who are  just hooked on biking, love meeting and riding with others riders and enjoy other 'enablers' to feed their addiction!

    CCCP is also committed to developing and expanding the sport of cycling. 20% of all members dues and corporate sponsorship goes towards local kids bike programs, Community Bicycle Center, Bikes for New Mainers and other non-profits.  We are also members and sponsors of The Bicycle Coalition of Maine and the League of American Bicyclists.

    We’d love to have you to join our wonderful bike club CCCP, but regardless, we hope that you will join us on one of our weekly or event  rides and that you will sign up for our mailing list at bottom of the page, both of which are open to all cyclists, member or not.


Ride on!



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